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What Can You Get a Restraining Order For

What Can You Get a Restraining Order For

It is terrible to say but there is abuse happening in Americans homes on an unprecedented scale today. This leaves those who are abused wondering what their options are in this situation in order to protect themselves. Roland Investigation has been able to help many victims of abuse in the Denver area by serving temporary and permanent restraining orders. However, if you have never had to file for one, you might be wondering what the process is and what constitutes abuse. Roland Investigations wants to help inform you of the process so that you can be safe as quickly as possible.

What Kind of Abuse Can You Get a Temporary Restraining Order For?

There are several different types of abuse, physical abuse being among the most indisputable when it comes to the granting of a temporary or permanent restraining order. What you might not have known, though, is that in the state of Colorado, you are able to get a temporary restraining order for emotional, verbal, and psychological abuse. This is important for the victim to know and be able to reach safety. In order for this to be granted, you do have to go to the court and plead your case. If it is granted by the judge, you will need someone to serve the papers to the abuser.

You have two options in regards to who serves your papers. The first option is to have the sheriff serve them. This option is free, but the catch is that he will serve them when he has time to get around to it. This is not the safest option if you’ve just fled for your life. The second option is to pay a company to serve your papers like Roland Investigations. Although this cost money, it affords you peace of mind that it has been served within a day or, if you send it in soon enough, the same day. It makes sense to pick this option if you’re needing other papers served with the temporary restraining order such as divorce papers. The sheriff won’t serve your divorce papers, so you would have to pay for someone to serve them either way.

What About a Permanent Restraining Order?

Typically, a judge will grant someone a temporary restraining order relatively easily. However, this is not the case with a permanent protective order. In order for this to be granted, there needs to be sufficient evidence. Even if you provide that evidence, it does not always mean that it is a sure thing. Keep in mind that the accused abuser will also be allowed to show up, and they may have the goal of discrediting your allegations and evidence. Since permanent restraining orders appear on a person’s record, many people are willing to fight hard to prevent one from being granted. You will want to make sure to read up on the process of that hearing so that you are fully prepared. Having a lawyer present at the hearing is also highly recommended.

Roland Investigations is here to help residents in Colorado with all the complicated hurtles and potential woes of the legal world. We understand that there are many victims of domestic violence that are seeking safety. Let us help provide that safety as quickly as possible with our process server service by getting such important documents as a temporary restraining order in the hands of the abuser as soon as possible. Call us today or fill out our online request form for service of process and send it in!

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