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Challenges Process Servers Face

Being a process server isn’t always easy because as one you’re always thinking about the law and the correct way to follow it. There are some things that process servers face from state to state and others that are being faced on a nationwide scale. Roland Investigations wants to help and inform each process server as to the challenges they can expect to face. It’s important to know what kind of challenges are happening even if it is not happening in your state. This is because when a problem arises in one state it can cause significant issues in others.

Legal Regulations

Knowing the regulations of each state in regard to process serving is highly important seeing that you have to operate within the legal limits given you. However, keeping up to date on the changing regulations for other states is just as important. For example, it was predicted that the changes that happened in New York around 2012 would then cause a change in other states. Therefore, it is so important that you always find out the latest changes that are going on in other states to be able to adjust yourself accordingly or at least prepare yourself for it.


The world that we live in seems to be increasingly more and more volatile. It is then recognized as a large epidemic that just seems to continue to get worse. It can then be stated that being a process server is dangerous. There is an increase in emotional instability that cause people to react in ways that put process servers in alarming and even life-threatening positions. There have been legislations passed in some states that make it a felony to assault a process server.

Employee or Not?

There seems to be a controversy about what a process server should be. Whether or not a process or server should be an employee or contractor is up for debate. There seems that there isn’t enough work for a process server to be a full-time employee. However there then is a problem with process servers being contractors because of concern that they will overstep boundaries. This in turn can impact the agency that they did the job for in a negative way. There is a slim line between the contractor and employee, so it is important to ensure what that line is.

Being a process server has its challenges but also has its rewards. It is just all about knowing the challenges and then facing them head on. Be sure to know what legal regulations are going on across the nation. Always protect yourself while doing the job by taken practical step. As always, know what your limits are when it comes to be an employee or independent contractor. Then the challenges will be just bumps that you know how to navigate. Call Roland Investigations today for any process server needs. We know just how to overcome any challenge and have trained process servers to serve any kind of paper.

By James D. Roland 3-13-2018



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