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Tactics Process Servers May Use to Find Evasive Subjects

Tactics Process Servers May Use to Find Evasive Subjects

A process server's primary duty is to serve court documents or to notify a person of an approaching judicial proceeding. Due process would be violated if there were no process servers, as people may be sued and given judgments without being made aware of the proceedings.

A process server’s job can become tricky to accomplish when the person they need to contact does not want to be contacted. Which is a fairly common occurrence. Because of this, process server’s have a few go to tactics that they use in order to find evasive subjects. Here are a few of the methods they may use.


Process servers occasionally engage in stakeouts to become acquainted with the subject's everyday activities. This way they can get an idea of when their schedule is. When they leave for work, when they come home, and so on and so forth. This information can then inform the process server when the best time to attempt to knock on the subject’s door is. Or it may make it clear that the best course of action is to serve the individual in a public space that they frequent.


Another tactic used by some is assuming a cover. Pretending to be a delivery person or a pizza courier. This can sometimes be useful because people are generally weary of people that they do not know. But by getting the subject to believe that you are someone else, this can give you the in that you may not have gotten otherwise.

This tactic is not readily accepted as appropriate by all in the process serving community, however. Some feel that while it is lawful, it is deceitful and therefore unethical. So, bear that in mind.


Leaving notes can also be a useful tactic. If a server is having trouble serving someone at their home, they can leave a note on their door informing them that they will try service at their place of employment. They are more likely to respond the next time you try to contact them to save face at their place of employment.

These are some of the most common tactics that process servers use to contact evasive subjects. Roland Investigations' knowledgeable team can assist you in helping with any court documents you have, even if the person you're attempting to contact is being evasive. Get in touch with us immediately to find out more about our services.

By Roland Investigations 12-15-2022



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