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Things You Get Wrong About Process Servers

Things You Get Wrong About Process Servers

One of the most popular services offered by Roland investigations is process of service. When people have never had to hire or handle a process server themselves, most of their understanding of them usually comes from the media and movies. The issue with this is that the creators of this media want as much attention-grabbing drama as possible. These individuals usually take liberties in their stories to achieve that drama. The result? Well, as someone who has not had much or any experience with process servers, this could leave you with some wrong ideas concerning them and their work. That is why today, we want to help debunk 5 common myths revolving around process servers.

Myth 1

People believe a person must be handed the papers being served personally by the process server. Many images in movies and television show a process server giving papers and telling someone dramatically that they have been served. In the real world, process servers do not really deliver that line. It is not actually necessary for a process server to physically hand a person papers for them to be considered properly served. The rules and regulations concerning what is considered a proper serve is different from one state to another. It is common for a process server to tell a person about the nature of the document and place them nearby. This is when a person has been officially served. This works even if a person refuses to accept the papers.

Myth 2

Many people believe serving papers is an exciting experience. Movies and television provide an image of process servers running after a person they want to serve papers or dealing with dangerous situations. There are times, of course, when a process server does have to handle a person who is reluctant or emotional. It is more common for them to be respected as someone just doing their job.

Myth 3

A process server is not trying to ruin a person's life. They are only messengers trying to give a person information that protects their rights. Constitutional rules make it so an individual must be informed about being sued and their court appearance date. If someone were unaware of these things, they could miss going to court and the other side would automatically win the case.

Myth 4

Many people believe a process server will disguise themselves. Process servers do not use fake personas or false mustaches. Process servers are not people who wear a disguise to serve papers in difficult situations. They conduct themselves as professional representatives delivering important legal documents.​

Myth 5

It is not possible for people to avoid being served. Since it is true a lawsuit will not begin until a person has been served, many people over the years have tried to avoid being served. All courts have provisions in place to deal with such evasive individuals.

It does not matter which side you are on in a court case; the truth is that a process server is only there to help you. Should anyone need this service, do not hesitate to contact Roland Investigations today.

By Roland Investigations 9-30-2020



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