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Document Research and Retrieval

Document Research and Retrieval

Have you ever needed an important document that you can’t seem to find? Whether you’ve put it in a “safe” place that you can’t remember where it is now or have checked your filing cabinet a hundred times now with no success, Roland Investigations has your back. We perform document searches and record retrieval. What does this really entail though? Can you do it yourself or is it best to hire someone to do the job?

Document searches and retrieval can be a lengthy process of going through databases and to federal, state, and local courts to find the document that you’re looking for. These databases can be costly to access and difficult to navigate. In addition to this, going to local courts for documents that have been filed there is a painstakingly lengthy process. Another favored placed is the DMV, it has many documents that people tend to lose or need for court cases. So, is the headache, frustration, and time worth trying to find the document yourself?

Roland Investigations understands the unique needs that each person has. Whether you need the document for a court case, to be able to file other important documentation or to find the will of a recent family member that has died; we can get such documents in a timely manner to fit your needs. We are able to figure out the best way to find the documents that you’re wanting to obtain. Roland Investigations first figures out whether the document can be found in electronic form or a hard copy. We then know whether to search online databases or if they will be in the courthouse or another municipal building. From there we then decided what will be the most inexpensive way to obtain the document. We also take into consideration what the security protocol is for each building, their hours of operation, and research room reservations.

There is a lot involved when trying to locate a document. Roland Investigations understands the headaches that come along with them. We like to make sure you don’t have to deal with the grueling task of document retrieval. Our highly qualified team of skilled professionals know just how to get the job done in a timely manner. Roland Investigations is the friend you can count on to find all those lost documents. Our rates and time frames are competitive and negotiable. Give us a call today!

By James Roland 8-31-2017



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