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Process Server Vs Local Sheriff

Process Server Vs Local Sheriff

Process serving is key to initiating a civil lawsuit in the United States. This legal action is performed to offer defendants in said proceedings clear and documented notice of the claims being made against them.

In certain locations, lawsuit claimants are permitted to complete the serving process using any able-bodied adult. That said, sending untrained and inexperienced subjects to complete this task is ill-advised. Typically, most individuals employ their local sheriff's department or an established professional process server.

Both entities hold the qualifications necessary to adequately carry out the action. The issue at hand is determining which party better serves the plaintiff's needs.

Opinions Of Law Office Personnel

More than 100 legal professionals like law secretaries and paralegals were recently surveyed regarding this subject. Researchers concluded that a resounding 78 percent of those inquired maintained process servers were more equipped to carry out this function. Moreover, an appreciable percentage of those polled claimed they would use process servers when given the choice.

The Reasons Process Servers Are Favored

Those participating in the aforementioned survey stressed that professional servers are the more optimal pick because said professionals possess superior knowledge regarding the general process.

Additionally, polled subjects further maintained that servers completed the task at a more expedient pace, held a more successful completion rate, and were more cost-efficient.

Success Rates

The plain truth is that a civil proceeding cannot formally commence until the defendant has been properly served. Those conducting the poll in question found that process servers completed the process 92 percent of the time. That said, sheriff's department only enjoyed a 74 percent success rate.

Optimal Customer Service

The majority of the legal office staffers polled also concluded that they received superior customer service from process servers. It should be noted that said subjects were not criticizing sheriff's departments but noting such establishments held numerous other important duties beyond merely serving civil summonses. However, these endeavors are a process server's primary responsibility.​

Cost Examination

Using a process server is more expensive than employing a law enforcement agency. That said, in actuality, the cost difference is not significant. Researchers have found that, on average, the difference is less than $15.

Therefore, when this minimal expense discrepancy is compared with the significant benefits using a private process server offers, said option is almost always more cost-efficient than a sheriff's department.

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By Roland Investigations 7-14-2021



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