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When to Get a Financial Investigation

When to Get a Financial Investigation

One of the main services we offer at Roland Investigations are financial investigations. Hiring a financial investigation service may be necessary in various situations where there is a need to uncover financial wrongdoing, gather evidence, or verify financial information. Financial investigators are trained professionals who specialize in analyzing financial records and transactions to uncover discrepancies, fraud, or illegal activities. Here are some times when you might need to hire this service.

Suspected Financial Fraud

If you suspect that you or your organization has been a victim of financial fraud, such as embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, or investment scams, a financial investigation service can help uncover the fraudulent activities and gather evidence for legal proceedings.

Divorce or Marital Disputes

During divorce proceedings, there may be concerns about hidden assets, undisclosed income, or unfair financial practices. A financial investigator can help ensure that financial disclosures are accurate and complete.

Business Disputes

In cases of business disputes, including partnership disputes or shareholder disagreements, financial investigation services can help determine if financial improprieties or mismanagement have occurred.

Due Diligence

Before entering into a business transaction, merger, or acquisition, it's essential to conduct due diligence to assess the financial health and integrity of the parties involved. Financial investigation services can uncover potential risks or hidden liabilities.

Estate and Probate Matters

When disputes arise over the distribution of assets in an estate or probate case, financial investigators can help verify the accuracy of financial records and uncover any irregularities.

Tax Evasion

In cases of suspected tax evasion or fraud, financial investigation services can assist in gathering evidence to support legal action or tax audits.

Cybercrime and Fraud Detection

In cases involving cybercrime, hacking, or online fraud, financial investigators can follow the money trail to identify the culprits and recover stolen funds.

Financial Planning and Advisory

Individuals and businesses may seek the expertise of financial investigators for financial planning, risk assessment, and asset protection strategies.

If you find yourself involved in any of the above mentioned situations, you could benefit greatly from a financial investigation. Contact our trusted team of professionals to get you the answers you are looking for today.

By Roland Investigations 9-25-2023



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