"I used Mr. Roland's practice twice, once for serving summons to appear in court and once for serving a writ of garnishment. Mr. Roland was incredibly professional, very responsive to email communications, and they provided the requested service within a very swift time frame. I would highly recommend this practice to anybody seeking private process serving in the Denver area." - Erik A.

"Very professional, and affordable. I will most definitely refer them to my friends and family. Pleased with their work and dedication to get the job done in a timely manner." - Valerie M.

"Excellent Service! The process server even waited an extra 30 minutes to serve my x-husband after knocking on the door and speaking with a family member to find out when my x-husband would be arriving. They went above and beyond to be sure my papers were served! Couldn't be happier! Highly recommended!!" - Doria

"I'm a divorce lawyer in Memphis, TN. I am always wary when I have to hire a process server in another state, because there's really no way to know what kind of service you're going to get - and everybody knows the internet lies. Let me tell you - this company has service of process down to both an art and a science. I was able to pay online, was provided with timely notice of service and a copy of the affidavit, etc. They were responsive to phone calls and emails while I was figuring out how to use their systems, too. All around excellent service, just like I get from my favorite hometown process server here in Memphis. If you're wondering which service to use, don't hesitate to use Roland!" - Lori R. Holyfield

"I highly recommend this company. They made this process effortless and offered additional services where they thought were helpful. They sent updates regularly with documentation being email and mailed as well. I will definitely use them again in the future should the need arise." - Tiffany W.

"Provided me with great and prompt service at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended. Staff were polite and efficient." - Avi E.

"James went out of his way to ensure my documents were served. Three of the 6 were served the same day, the rest were finished the following day. Very professional setup, with the confirmation emails, phone calls, and texts when appropriate. Highly recommend using his services." - Kirk V.

"Our law office is out of state, and we took a chance on an unfamiliar company for service of process. Not only were our documents served same day, the price was more than reasonable for the service provided. We received status e-mails showing service attempts and the date and time of such attempts. When e-mailing questions, a prompt response was received. Would highly recommend to anyone in search of a process server." - Angela G.

"Solid, responsive, & persistent - I highly recommend Roland for investigations & service of process. They have helped me investigate and track down individuals that were hard to find and kept after parties that were difficult to serve." - Ryan W.

"Very professional company. Was pleased to receive multiple status updates without requesting. Look forward to working with Roland Process Service & Investigations, LLC in the future as the are quick to respond and get the job done!" - Courtney K.

"Roland PS&I provided prompt, courteous, and attentive service. They are quite adept at tracking, finding, and providing service of process to- your person of interest using highly sophisticated tools at their disposal. I would highly recommend Roland PS&I to anyone in need of top quality service, plus a little something extra!" - Edgar B.

"I am so appreciative of the entire experience with Roland Process Service and Investigations. From my initial phone call to my final bill, everything was smooth and professional. If only all the details about my divorce could go this smoothly! I highly recommend this team." - Angela Kirk

"We are a 20 attorney law firm, and we use Roland Process Service & Investigations exclusively. We have used them for years, and they are the most professional and responsive service of process company we have come across. We also use Roland Process Service & Investigations for their investigative services as well. I highly recommend them." - Bill Henry

"Very responsive, courteous, and professional to deal with." - Deborah S.

"I am an attorney in Denver. I regularly use Roland Service and Investigations to serve process for the benefit of my clients in civil cases. Roland always provides superb assistance in promptly completing service of process whenever we have requested." - Jim M.

"Fast, courteous and responsive." - Jessica J-B.

"Very effective--explained entire process to me; will definitely use again if services are needed." - K. D.

"Professional, fast, and reliable. I almost went with a cheaper agency, but glad I didn't. I also received a certificate in the mail immediately after the process server served the papers. They were also easy to get in touch with (answered the phone quickly, responded via email quickly)." - Lisa A.

"Roland did a fabulous job for me, pretty economically. I have never sued anyone before, so I didn't know how to serve him, because I didn't have a current address. I live in California & they did everything. I hope not to have to use them again...but I would in a second if I needed their services." - Joan S.

"Had a great experience, very professional and worked diligently to get the work I hired them for done in a timely manner." - Valerie M.

"Goodness gracious these guys are good. Incredibly fast, communicative, and professional. Our firm has had challenges with process servers in the past, but this outfit knows what it's doing and gets it done fast. I could not recommend them more highly." - Logan M.

"Thank you for your efforts and diligent work to get papers served to the recipient. I recommend Roland Process service to anyone needing a paper service! We had already gone through the local Sheriff's Office with no success after 7 attempts. My attorney found James/ Roland Process Service and they were able to successfully serve the recipient. We were running out of time due to the statute of limitations, but they came through for me in a time of need. THANK YOU!" - Renee A.

"I feel so fortunate to have dealt with such professionals during a challenging situation. My experience with Roland Process Service and Investigations has been exceptional. The attention to detail and responsiveness is impressive. I highly recommend this team and would certainly use the services in the future." - Angela K.

"I use Roland Process Service exclusively for the past 8 years. I have never had a problem with service and he will even ensure the address you provide is correct. There is no one he cannot find and no service too difficult for his company. He uses a customer "portal" to allow you to see the status of the service as well as obtain documents. When it comes to competitive prices, customer service and getting the job done, Roland Process Service and Investigations is the only company you need." - Michael Zywicki

"These folks have never let me down! Professional, courteous and creative, Roland Process Service has always got the job done. I am an attorney who has to have a lot of lawsuits served, and I have never dealt with anyone better than James Roland and his crew. They can also do skip tracing and asset searches. The complete one stop process service stop, do yourself a favor and make your life easier...hire them." - Richard Casey

"Had some documents to get served in Denver, CO. The service was completed as requested and our client was happy with the service provided. I would personally recommend this company to anyone who needs process service completed in a timely manner and with a understanding and professional attitude." - Zach Hancock

"Quick to respond. Work diligently. High quality" - Hassan Hassan

"Extremely user friendly especially for some one out of state as we were. Kept our firm up to date at all times and very reasonably priced. Would highly recommend, very professional." - Courtney Hambright

"These guys have it together. Simple, reliable, and knowledgeable. We recommend highly" - The Evans Firm

"These guys are great. They were professional and thorough." - Earlene Anderson

"Fast, professional, and very courteous. Kept me informed. Will definitely use again for any future process services." - Kimberly Dall

"James Roland and his staff members have always been prompt and courteous with any requests our office has. He makes us feel like we are priority even though he has other clients, and is extremely busy. I would highly recommend his services." - C. Moen

"I exclusively use Roland Process Service & Investigations for my service of process needs. They are responsive, courteous and professional, and I can rest assured that when I send them a project, it will be done correctly and on time." - Stephen Whitmore

"After running around Denver looking for Private Process Services... The first 3 Private Process Services I found were "Dead-End" and the 4th was a joke (wasted my time).I found Roland Process Service & Investigations. James was very professional and was able to assist me with my request." - Joe V.

"Couldn't have gone smoother!!!! Quick, efficient, communicative ... overall, very thorough! I would not hesitate to use their services again!" - Cheryl G.

"James from Roland Processing is fantastic! I use process servers all across the country for various needs and my go-to is always Roland. They provide nation-wide service and are FAST! The communication is excellent and they are able to work with me on short notice. They are a little more expensive than other services I've used, but the efficiency and stellar performance more than make up for it!" - Jenn C.

"Zero problems. Found my guy quickly. All the paperwork and information I needed was included as well as cogent instructions.Very professional and I was able to handle everything online and through email." - Paul B.

"James' company is great. We use him all of the time. When we need to get someone served, at a reasonable rate, he is fast and easy to work with. I was recommended to use his services by another attorney and we haven't looked elsewhere since" - Jason Jordan

“I and my law firm have used Roland Process Service for service of well over 100 notices, subpoenas, Summons and Complaints; I've also used the service for stakeouts and other Private Investigator work; additionally, I've obtained location information via electronic searches. I recommend Roland Process Service you'll find them professional, experienced, and able. If you've used other services you will immediately recognize the difference if you have not don't experiment you'll only be disappointed.” - Donald Eby

"Roland Process Service did an excellent job in serving a party who was trying to avoid service. They were very helpful throughout the process and went the extra mile to try and execute the service. I would highly recommend their services!" - Sandy R.

"Very Fast and Accurate. What I thought was going to take at least a week to complete they had it completed in in the same day. Thanks James and Staff" - Steven H.

"James and his company are great! We have used many process servers in the past, but his company exceeded our expectations. They are prompt, fast and provide their service at very reasonable cost." - Jody Rodriguez

"James Roland owns Roland Investigations. James is building a great business the right way. I would trust James to run my business if I could not. If you know and trust me, you know and trust James" - Steve and Debee Glenn

"Outstanding service: professional, prompt, efficient, and very affordable. I work with a lot of US agents & am extremely happy with Roland Process Service & Investigations. I will definitely recommend their company & use them again for future services." - Nicole S.

Very professional services, we can count on them at any time. Thank you - Law Office of Thu Mai Paralegal /Legal Assistant

"James is part of an elite group of process serving professionals that are highly knowledgeable and run their process service company like a business. We work with over 1000 process serving firms across the US and James has built one of the most professional and accountable company's in the industry. It's a pleasure to have a forward-thinker like James as a client and colleague." - Trent Carlyle

"James is willing and capable of going the extra mile to provide excellent service. His contacts with us as clients is of the highest professional level. He is always available and responds to inquiries promptly." - John Hage

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