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Can You Avoid Being Served

No one wants a lawsuit on their hands. However, you don’t have much say in the matter when you’re being served the papers. If you’re thinking that the papers will soon be coming down the line you might be thinking about skipping town or doing your best to avoid the papers while you’re there. Is this the best plan of action though? Well you might want to consider the facts before you make such a decision. There is a lot that can be done if you decide to avoid those dreadful papers.

Many people think that if I don’t take the papers they can’t say that they have served me. Is this true though? Well if it were that easy then everyone would be doing this to avoid a lawsuit. The law knows that people want to avoid such things as this and therefore they have put into place a few options that allow for the papers to be “served” in a sufficient way for the lawsuit to proceed. Looking at what will happen if you avoid the papers might change your mind on the matter.

The best way for the case to go smoothly is by doing as the law requires, accepting the papers that are served to you. Most states require that this be attempted a number of times before they move onto the next plan. Something that every person must remember when being served is that the process server is a third-party entity and has nothing to do with the lawsuit. They are only there to give you the papers. However, when such measures are met without success they now change their plan of action.

Then they simply get to be handed to a competent adult at their home or work place. Or they may mail a copy of the papers by means of certified mail to the defendant’s home or work place. These are both in the realms of possibility and by the state, consider you being served. You can’t really avoid this but if you have decided to take holiday for a month or so then there is a third and finally way in which considers you having been served but does you no good when you’re not around.

The final way that is acceptable by the state is for a newspaper ad to be taken out to properly inform you. This then means that everyone now knows what’s going on. That can be embarrassing but when you’re avoiding it there is nothing else that can be done. Once the court decides that it has been attempt a sufficient amount the court case can now begin whether you’re there to defend yourself or not.

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By James D. Roland 2-6-2018



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