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How to Use a Financial Investigation in Regards to Child Support

How to Use a Financial Investigation in Regards to Child Support

Your child means everything to you. You want to care for them the best you can. Having enough funds to give them proper food, clothing, and shelter is a big part of doing that. This fact does not change just because you and the other parent are not together anymore. And the courts feel the same way. That is why they have many strict rules in place to secure child support payments from the non-custodial parent.

Even so, some undesirable parents still try their hardest to avoid supporting their child financially and can ultimately make it difficult for the courts to locate them. If this is the situation you find yourself in, all is not lost. Many parents in similar situations have benefited by the use of financial investigations and/or skip tracing to locate the delinquent party. How can this help you? Allow us to explain.

How a Financial Investigation Works

A financial investigation is an in-depth dive into a certain individual's assets. With a combination of specific skills in fields such as data analytics, forensic audits, and financial crime compliance and investigations they can uncover information that a person may have been trying to hide. Using the latest technology, analytical tools, and by collaborating with law enforcement and the community, they can gather a complete picture of a person’s financial habits.

How to Know When to Hire a Financial Investigation

If you are dealing with a parent that is trying to evade their financial responsibilities, Roland Investigations can help. Here are a few instances when a financial investigation would be beneficial.

  • You do not know where the other parent is employed. If the court knows where the parent is employed, they can forcibly take child support from their wages. Some parents quit their jobs for this reason or even work “under the table” to avoid this.
  • You suspect the other parent is lying about their income. Sometimes individuals will purposefully omit the full amount of income they are receiving to reduce their child support payment. They may say they are struggling, but their lifestyle clearly says otherwise.
  • You do not even know where the other parent lives. Sometimes a parent will need to move for a new job. It is not illegal to do so, but it is if their sole purpose in doing so is to evade child support.

If you are struggling with a noncompliant parent, give Roland Investigations a call today. We work as quickly as possible to deliver you results fast. We want to help.

By Roland Investigations 2-16-2021



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