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Advantages to Filing for Divorce First

Currently many marriages don’t seem to last very long, and divorce unfortunately ends up being the outcome. There are a couple of different perks to filing for divorce first. Roland Investigations is a third party that is unbiased; we are only involved in serving the legal documents to the spouse you’re divorcing. Although we aren’t involved in the case we know and understand a lot of the legal aspects of things. We want to help you understand why it’s better to be the one having to get someone to serve the papers than to be served the papers. Here are some of the up sides to filling for divorce first.

One of the biggest perks to filing for divorce first is that if you live in separate states or counties you may be able to choose where you would like to file. Different counties and states have different laws regarding divorce when it comes to martial assets. This means that you may live in a 50/50 state while the state your spouse lives will separate your assets based on your argument. The first person to file is able to choose what will be the best for them in regards the laws deciding their marital assets. Along with the divisions on assets there is also financial protection that you’re able to get. Many times, when you file for divorce first depending on your state’s laws, it automatically freezes your marital assets making it so that your spouse can’t move or hide anything. If this is not the case in your state, then you’re able to file an injunction along with your petition for a divorce. This is a court order that enforces a party to either do something or refrain from doing something.

Aside from the financial aspects of things there are also other benefits to filing for divorce first. You have the upper hand in being prepared in a lot of various aspects. Emotional is among the many. It can be a long drawn out process especially if you have children. It also allows for you to be able to get your plan of action in place for the short term and long-term side of things.

Filing for divorce first also gives you the upper hand inside to the court. The first one to file is able to give their case to the judge first. Making it so that your spouse has to rebuttal your arguments as to why you should get a divorce. It also allows for you to control the situation more. This is because if you filed you’re able to withdraw the action if for some reason you changed your mind on the matter.

Roland Investigations has no dealings with any court case. We are a third-party service provider that offers service of process to help in some of the legality that must be abided by. If you’re thinking of filing for divorce, then call us today to have the correct papers served in the correct way. Roland Investigations knows the ins and outs of the law to be able to serve any document. Call us today!

By James D. Roland 6-12-2018



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