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Using an Asset Search for Help During Probate

Using an Asset Search for Help During Probate

The period that follows the passing of a loved one is inherently sad and stressful for the family. Ideally, the deceased person would have documented their assets before passing. This may be uncomfortable for some, but it is a practical step that lessens stress and confusion for grieving family members.

Unfortunately, this step is not always carried out and responsible family members or executors may be left to scramble to put together a deceased person’s assets. More often than desired, persons that embark on the journey find that the deceased person’s financial records are inaccessible or incomplete.

That is when hiring someone to perform a financial investigation or asset search is useful. At Roland Investigations, this is one of the specialty services that we offer. We know how to find information regarding that person’s bank accounts along with brokerage and investment accounts. We can also find information regarding their life insurance policy if they held one.

You may wonder if searching for someone’s personal financial information is even legal, and the answer is yes, it is. If the search is done in a legally abiding fashion. Which we know how to do.

Asset searches can also be useful when heirs or beneficiaries wish to dispute the allotment of an estate. Perhaps they feel that the executor did not follow the deceased person’s wishes closely or are even suspected of hiding assets for themselves. Whatever the case, a proper financial investigation can bring the truth of the matter to light.

The longer a person has been deceased can also play a role in how difficult records can be to obtain. For instance, after about 12 months, balances from bank accounts can be difficult to obtain. Which is why settling matters sooner rather than later is important.

We use reliable, legal resources to conduct thorough searches to help you settle an estate with clarity. You will be provided with solid documentation of our findings. If questions regarding a dead loved one's assets are weighing on your mind, call us in to help.

By Roland Investigations 5-18-2021



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