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List of Things that Process Servers Cannot Do

List of Things that Process Servers Cannot Do

You may think that process servers have freedoms that many others don’t have in order to perform their work. This is not the case though. These are people that are, instead, more aware of the laws that they must be abided by. There is still a list of things that process servers can’t do. If you’re attempting to serve papers then it’s best that you look at this list so that you don’t unknowingly break the law. It is advantageous to go through what the laws are in the state regarding process of service. Here are some things that you need to be aware of though:

  1. Don’t touch the mailbox. You might be looking at it thinking that it is the perfect place to put the documents so that they will receive them. It is still a federal offense to meddle with or open a mailbox. This means you can’t do anything more than look at it for an address.
  2. Make sure that you’re not in any way pretending to be someone you’re not. It is a federal offense to impersonate an officer so make sure that you don’t even give the impression or be deceptive to get the papers in their hands.
  3. When it comes to getting into someone's home, you can’t break in. It is still breaking into someone's home and that will warrant and arrest.
  4. Make sure that you’re not trespassing. Make sure that there aren’t any signs or colors that denotes no trespassing. It is still breaking the law if you do.

There are several dos and don’ts when it comes to serving papers and even laws that need to be abided by. If you’re worried that you’ll accidentally break the law in trying to serve papers then don’t take the chance. Call the professionals today! Roland Investigations can help you when it comes to any papers that you need served. We can do so in a timely manner, that even means that we can do same day service if you request it early enough in the day. Call us to get the process started today or fill out our online process of service form. The sooner we receive it the quicker we can get these papers out and into the intended hands.

By Roland Investigations 1-15-2020



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