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Process Server Safety

Process Server Safety

Process Servers are third party persons uninvolved with the case in which the papers they are delivering has to do with. They are just a messenger. The documents that they are delivering however, are ones that carry consequential news to the desired person it is intended for. When people are overly emotional because of the unwanted circumstances they can tend to act in a way that can harm others. This means that process servers are constantly in life-threatening situations. Roland Investigations wants to help each process server to be safe doing their job. Serve-Now has written an extensive article on how to remain safe as a process server called “Staying Safe on the Job”.

The article first goes onto list a number of process servers that have been killed by the people to which they were serving the papers. It further goes onto bring out the best ways to stay safe in such situations, as well as to be proactive before any situation starts. Here are the highlights that it brought out:

  • Keep your phone on you and charged at all times.
  • Park where no one is able to block you in.
  • Take a moment to know where your exits are before approaching the building.
  • Be sure to never turn your back on the person you are serving.
  • When you feel a serve may cause strong emotions to arise, it would be advantageous to ask for law enforcement to attend as well.
  • Follow your gut feeling.
  • Have common sense and use it.

Serve-Now goes onto interview ones that have been serving for many years but use other methods of keeping safe on the job. There are some that carry a weapon such as a gun. This however isn’t for everyone. Such ones who do carry guns practice at a shooting range and depending on each state has to pass a shooting test bi-annually when renewing a Special Process Server license. There are others who use other methods like that of bringing along their dog. A well-trained dog that works along side you to give you hints on the situation before humans are able to pick them up. This however means extensive training and companion that lives and trains with you.

It brings out that process servers should do “a background check on the subjects for each serve and use the information you find to your benefit”. This allows for each one to pick and choose when the best time to serve the papers might be. A background check allows you to be able to find out if they have a violent past, a drinking problem, or a drug abuse problem. With this information a process server is able to better judge when the appropriate time is to go and if they need to take law enforcement with them.

Roland Process Service and Investigations has a combined experience of over 85 years. We believe in always being as safe as possible on the job. Our process servers have been successful in serving papers safely by following these simple guidelines when on the job. We offer this service for those who need it. Our service of process has three different options:

  • Standard Service – The first attempt is within 4-7 days of when we receive the file.
  • Priority Service – We deliver the papers the same day as received (file must be received by 11am)
  • Rush Service – A server is sent out 24-48 hours to attempt service.

We always preform our job in the safest way possible. Call us today or submit an order service form online. Roland Investigations is happy to get to work with each person and serve them in a way of respect.

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By Roland Investigations 12-6-2017



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