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How Lawyers and Process Servers Work Together

How Lawyers and Process Servers Work Together

When it comes to any legal case there are a lot of components involved. You have the courts, the judge, your opponent, their lawyer, witnesses and process servers. Typically, you also have your right-hand man when it comes to your legal case, which is your lawyer. We want to help you understand how all these different aspects of the legal system work together; even more specifically how lawyers and process servers work together. We are going to get some insight from your local lawyer firm, Hampton & Pigott LLP.

Hampton & Pigott LLP has a team of specialized lawyers in various law fields. Just to name a few, their practices include family law, criminal defense, personal injury, business law, military law, estate planning and probate. They bring out that the common denominator with all of these law practices is the fact that they need a right-hand man too. A local process server team like Roland Investigations! We want to expound on how this relationship works.

Your lawyer, like our friends at Hampton & Pigott LLP, has a very important job to do. Winning the case or getting the settlement that you want is of the utmost importance to you! This means that in order to focus on that, they need as much off their plate as possible. Such things as having to do a financial investigation, witness interviews, background checks and the like. Each of these things is considered valuable information in helping win the case but you don’t need your lawyer focused on attaining that information. You want your lawyer focused on figuring out how that information will strengthen your case. Hampton & Pigott LLP has expressed how invaluable it is to have a team like Roland Investigations they can rely on for needed information. Of course, this also includes serving any needed papers as well.

When it comes to legal matters, you never want to leave it up to hope or chance. You want to make sure that you have a solid legal team that you can depend and rely on. This means that you want a team like Hampton & Pigott LLP and Roland Investigations on your side when it comes to anything in the legal world! Give us a call today if you need any of our services, here at Roland Investigations!

By Roland Investigations 3-24-2020



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