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The Process of a Temporary Restraining Order

The Process of a Temporary Restraining Order

Temporary restraining orders often mean that one’s life hasn’t been easy to say the least. Whether you have been verbally, emotionally, or physically abused there is reason for you to get a temporary restraining order on the accused persons. There are a couple of different restraining orders that can be ordered but no matter what restraining order one may get, the defendant must be a served. It can cause a lot of anxiety when you sit down to think about handing papers to the one who abused you. Roland Investigations is your professional process server in the state of Colorado. We know just what to do to make sure that all legal procedures are followed.

When you’re getting a temporary restraining order on someone who is physically abusive and has threatened your life, and the lives of your family, then you don’t want to take any chances. You’ll want to make sure that your family and friends are nowhere to be found when the defendant is around. When it comes to serving papers such as temporary restraining orders, Roland Investigations takes the highest safety measures with those who are known to have a violent reputation. If you are attempting to have a friend serve these papers then they will want to follow the same safety guidelines that all our process servers adhere to.

When someone has a violent reputation there needs to be extreme caution. Upon seeing that the papers you’re serving is a temporary restraining order it would be advantageous to talk to the client to see whether the defendant has a violent past, if they have a gun, if they have been arrested, or if they have a drug or alcohol abuse problem. So how would one go about this in a safe manner?

One way to go about this is by making sure that you park your car in a way that will allow you to get out fast and easy in case things starts to go south. In addition to this you will want to make sure that you don’t serve these papers at night and that you no never go inside the defendant’s home. When you walk up to serve the papers you want to make sure that there are a couple things you don’t do to make sure that you never turn your back and always have an awareness of what is going on. If you are really concerned about your safety and want to be extra cautious then call up the local authorities and let them know about the situation or ask if one of the officers will come along with you.

Here at Roland Investigations we take safety very important. If you’re worried that the papers you have to serve aren’t going to be taken lightly, then call us today. We have the qualified staff that knows exactly how to handle any situation that may come up. Call us today or fill out our online order service to be able to get the service that you need.

By James D. Roland 8-29-2018



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