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Who Benefit from Skip Tracing the Most

Who Benefit from Skip Tracing the Most

Skip tracing is the process of locating individuals who are difficult to find, often for the purpose of debt collection, legal proceedings, or other investigations. At Roland Investigations, we lend our skip tracing services to all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons. So, while anyone can use skip tracing, there are some who use it more often or tend to benefit from it more. Here are some examples of those organizations and individuals.

Debt Collection Agencies

Debt collectors often use skip tracing services to locate individuals who owe money and have gone "off the grid" to avoid repayment. These services help track down debtors and recover outstanding debts.

Bounty Hunters and Bail Bondsmen

In the context of fugitive recovery or bail enforcement, skip tracing is used to locate individuals who have skipped out on court appearances or violated the terms of their bail bonds.

Private Investigators

Private investigators use skip tracing to find missing persons for various reasons, such as locating witnesses for legal cases, finding birth parents, or adopted children, or conducting background checks.

Process Servers and Legal Professionals

Another service we offer is that of process serving. So we can speak from personal experience when we say that skip tracing helps process servers locate individuals to deliver legal documents, such as subpoenas, summons, or divorce papers, ensuring that legal proceedings can move forward.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies may use skip tracing to locate individuals for claims investigations, including verifying claims, assessing the extent of damages, or preventing fraud.

Real Estate and Property Managers

Skip tracing can also be used to track down property owners, tenants, or heirs in cases involving property management, eviction processes, or inheritance matters.

Employers and Human Resources

Employers may use skip tracing to locate former employees for employment verification, pension plan administration, or other employment-related matters.

Legal and Law Enforcement Agencies

Skip tracing is also often utilized by law enforcement to locate witnesses, suspects, or persons of interest in criminal investigations.

Child Support Agencies

Skip tracing is valuable for child support agencies seeking to locate parents who are delinquent on child support payments.

As you can see, skip tracing can be very beneficial to both organizations and individuals. If you think that you could use this type of service, trust our professional team to help you get the answers you need.

By Roland Investigations 8-22-2023



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