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When It Is Time to do an Asset Search

When It Is Time to do an Asset Search?

Asset searches are among the many services we provide to residents in Colorado. With little information about asset searches, it can be confusing on why one should use a search. There are many situations that can call for action in the form of an asset search or what... [read more]


Advantages to Filling for Divorce First

Currently many marriages don’t seem to last very long, and divorce unfortunately ends up being the outcome. There are a couple of different perks to filing for divorce first. Roland Investigations is a third party that is unbiased; we are only involved in serving the legal documents to... [read more]

By James D. Roland 6-12-2018

What to do When Served a Summons or Subpoena

What to do When Served a Summons or Subpoena?

There are a lot of different things that we dread in life and someone in a suit walking up to us with a folded piece of paper in their hand is certainly one of them. When you get a summon or a subpoena it can seem like... [read more]

By James D. Roland 4-11-2018

Challenges Process Servers Face

Being a process server isn’t always easy because as one you’re always thinking about the law and the correct way to follow it. There are some things that process servers face from state to state and others that are being faced on a nationwide scale. Roland Investigations wants... [read more]

By James D. Roland 3-13-2018

Can You Avoid Being Served?

No one wants a lawsuit on their hands. However, you don’t have much say in the matter when you’re being served the papers. If you’re thinking that the papers will soon be coming down the line you might be thinking about skipping town or doing your best to... [read more]

By James D. Roland 2-6-2018

Benefits of Recording Process Serving

Benefits of Recording Process Serving

Our last article we talked about the best way to go about being safe when serving. Such information is valuable when applied. Roland Investigations understands there is yet another issue at stake when it comes to process servers – recording. Recording while serving can prove very beneficial and... [read more]

By James D. Roland 12-20-2017

Process Server Safety

Process Server Safety

Process Servers are third party persons uninvolved with the case in which the papers they are delivering has to do with. They are just a messenger. The documents that they are delivering however, are ones that carry consequential news to the desired person it is intended for. When... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 12-6-2017

Reasons to Evict a Tenant

Reasons to Evict a Tenant

As a landlord, you have the right to evict a tenant renting from you, but you do not have the legal rights to evict your tenants for just any reason. Reasons such as not getting along or are messy are not legally right for eviction. This article will... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 10-19-2017

Document Research and Retrieval

Document Research and Retrieval

Have you ever needed an important document that you can’t seem to find? Whether you’ve put it in a “safe” place that you can’t remember where it is now or have checked your filing cabinet a hundred times now with no success, Roland Investigations has your back.... [read more]

By James Roland 8-31-2017

Service Explanations

Service Explanations

Here at Roland Investigations, we offer diverse types of services when it comes to service of process because we understand that circumstances vary from lawsuit to lawsuit. Ensuring that the correct documents are served to the correct person in the right time frame is a very important... [read more]

By James D. Roland 8-11-2017