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List of Things that Process Servers Cannot Do

List of Things that Process Servers Cannot Do

You may think that process servers have freedoms that many others don’t have in order to perform their work. This is not the case though. These are people that are, instead, more aware of the laws that they must be abided by. There is still a list... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 1-15-2020

The Consequences of Hiding Assets During a Divorce

The Consequences of Hiding Assets During a Divorce

According to recent studies, it is not too uncommon for marriage mates to fib about money related topics. Whether big or small. Maybe you made a small purchase that you hid from your partner or maybe you were not completely forthcoming with all the money that you... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 12-20-2019

Answering Your Questions About Subpoenas

Answering Your Questions About Subpoenas

Unless you are like us at Roland Investigations, you probably do not have to deal with legal things like financial investigations, skip tracing, and serving legal papers very often. Because of this, you may not be very fluent in legal talk should you be presented with a... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 11-21-2019

What Can You Get a Restraining Order For

What Can You Get a Restraining Order For?

It is terrible to say but there is abuse happening in Americans homes on an unprecedented scale today. This leaves those who are abused wondering what their options are in this situation in order to protect themselves. Roland Investigation has been able to help many victims of abuse... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 10-10-2019

What is Forensic Accounting

What is Forensic Accounting?

Show Me the Money How to find hidden assets When someone owes you money there are times when getting paid can be a problem. Roland Investigations finds hidden funds and does full asset searches. This is especially helpful when you suspect someone of hiding funds to make it... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 8-12-2019

The Importance of Process Servers

The Importance of Process Servers

Roland Investigations provides its clients with service of process. The procedure of service of process is one in which a party to a lawsuit provides a notice of initial legal action to another party, such as a court or an administration. Service of process is undertaken by Roland... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 6-28-2019

When To Do a Financial Investigation

When To Do a Financial Investigation?

It would be nice if we didn’t have to deal with the unpleasant financial aspects of being lied to, divorces, family deaths, and such. Sadly, most of us will have a role in at least one of the above at some point in life, and it will very... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 5-14-2019

What is a Writ?

Currently there seems to be more and more legal terms that when you don’t know what they mean can make things very confusing. Roland Investigations has a vast knowledge of legal jargon due to our years of legal experience in various fields. With a total of over 85 years... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 4-10-2019

Is It Time To Hire A Private Investigator

Is It Time To Hire A Private Investigator?

There are several different reasons as to why you might want to hire a private investigator. Many people start to investigate it once they have had a loved one go missing. Or there are suspicions of a mate cheating or doing illegal activity. Additionally, it is not... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 3-13-2019

Witness Interviews

Witness Interviews

There are legal cases that are going to require witnesses and their interview in order to prosecute or defend your side of things. You might be thinking about the legalities and the procedures that come along with such a daunting task are more than you can handle.... [read more]

By Roland Investigations 2-21-2019