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Quality services that is economical for everyone is our goal here at Roland Investigations. We place a spotlight on being able to give bigger discounts for those who are on a tighter budget or are disabled in need of a divorce decree and temporary restraining order. We provide this all year round. With full determination to succeed in this goal we have been able to accomplish just that and go even higher. Our words are always backed up by our actions showing you that we are a company that you can trust in Yuma County.

Skip tracing is an important service that we provide. Many time witnesses and defendants just seem to have skipped town when needing to show in court. This possess a problem when needing to continue with the legal proceedings. Roland Investigations is able to locate any person with very little information. We follow the trail wherever it takes us, even if it may be out of state. We follow simple breadcrumbs that start out with just an address and name. This leads to bigger bread chunks that give us a full picture to formulate where it is they are.

We want everyone to feel that they what they are getting is the face value we have assigned our services. Truth is you get that and more. If you don’t believe us then just read this testimonial:

"Roland Process Service did an excellent job in serving a party who was trying to avoid service. They were very helpful throughout the process and went the extra mile to try and execute the service. I would highly recommend their services!" - Sandy R.


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