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Our vision is always to provide each client that we work with the highest-caliber of service. This includes services that you can rely on coupled with professional perfection. Roland Investigation’s vision isn’t something that we just desire in the state of Colorado but our vision encompasses that we be recognized this way in every state by city governments, paralegals, collection agencies and attorneys. We have been very successful in attaining this however we are ever striving higher and higher to attain our vision on unprecedented levels. Our actions show that ones in Washington County can depend on us like a friend.

Missing important documents? Time and time again people tend to miss place things they think they put them in a “safe” place. However, the document got lost, we are able to retrieve it. Roland Investigations offers you the most affordable high-quality service available when it comes to document research and record retrieval. Such a task can be taken on by oneself but this includes long hours of deciphering complex databases. In addition to this there is long hours of running around to different court houses. Leave it to the professionals and we will find you all you’re needed documents without the headache.

We provide you with exceptional service here at Roland Investigations that is done on time as promised. However, if you don’t feel confident in us just read the testimonial below:

"Goodness gracious these guys are good. Incredibly fast, communicative, and professional. Our firm has had challenges with process servers in the past, but this outfit knows what it's doing and gets it done fast. I could not recommend them more highly." - Logan M.


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