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The standard of excellence in the service industry in something that is uncommon and if it is there then it is seldom that the company lives up to it. Roland Investigations is rare in this facet because we not only have the standard of excellence, but we make sure to meet this standard with each and every encounter that we have with others. This sets us apart as different from most all companies and a primary reason why Roland Investigations comes so heavily recommended to the residents of Victor, CO.

One of our many services that we provide is skip tracing. This proves to be a key procedure for those who have a missing persons, witness or defendant that has skipped town because of getting subpoenaed. If you’re in such a position where you need to find promptly someone who has skipped town, Roland Investigations is able to meet the needs and challenges. Independent of the case, we can always provide you with services that are fast and reliable. We have been tested and proved to always meet the standards of excellence not only in the job we preform but also in our communication throughout the process.

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out some of our reviews from our clients:

"James is willing and capable of going the extra mile to provide excellent service. His contacts with us as clients is of the highest professional level. He is always available and responds to inquiries promptly." - John Hage


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