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Everyone is afforded stewardship, the responsibility to use what you have for the common good. Roland Investigations acknowledges and takes hold of the stewardship that they have been given. We hold weight to our responsibility to use the resources – human, financial and natural- entrusted to us for the common good and hold ourselves accountable to do such. Responsibility and accountability is often shifted elsewhere but Roland Investigations embraces this. Everyone in Routt County has a friend they can trust when it comes to litigation.

If you’re an employer and are suspicious of one of your employees then Roland Investigations provides you with the needed services to get to the bottom of the issue. There are certain “dos and don’ts” when doing an employment search because of the right that each employee has. Roland Investigations knows what these rights are and can perform such legal procedures while still providing you with the answers that you’re needing. Don’t make the mistake of taking matters into your own hands without proper legal guidance and direction.

Roland Investigations doesn’t shy away from reviews of others, we know that we live up to our word. Here is a testimonial that proves this is so:

"James' company is great. We use him all of the time. When we need to get someone served, at a reasonable rate, he is fast and easy to work with. I was recommended to use his services by another attorney and we haven't looked elsewhere since" - Jason Jordan


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