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Growth is crucial in our company. Roland Investigations is never content with what we have done thus far by way of accomplishments we have achieved in the services we provide, the values we display, and the vision we are fulfilling. Personal and profession growth is a must for our team at Roland Investigations. This encompasses physical, emotional, spiritual and relational aspects of life and work. We are never stagnant in our work. All in Pueblo County have a team they can count on when it comes to litigation.

Are you involved in a court case? Many times, witnesses are needed in order to help close the case one way or the other. Roland Investigations provides you with the needed services to be able to make the best of your case. We provide you with witness interview services. What this means is that either side, the prosecution or defense is allowed to interview each other’s witnesses or prospective witnesses. They are also allowed to take statements from each of their witnesses. In doing this there are many legal guidelines that have to be followed. We ensure that all are done so in the process.

If you don’t trust who we are it’s ok. We want you to be able to hear it from that we have formally work with so here is a testimonial:

"After running around Denver looking for Private Process Services... The first 3 Private Process Services I found were "Dead-End" and the 4th was a joke (wasted my time). I found Roland Process Service & Investigations. James was very professional and was able to assist me with my request." - Joe V.


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