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Whether you’re on the track to getting a divorce, going to court for child support or child custody, Parker, CO residents have a partner to serve all your papers that guarantees laws are followed when doing so. Roland Investigations serves all types of documents, such as subpoenas, in accord with the law of the state the case is filed in. We understand that there are needs for broken families and we do our best to provide affordable solutions for everyone. Family situations like divorces, custody battles and child support cases can be stressful and hard so let us take care of what we can to make it as least stressful as possible.

Roland Investigations is not limited to just serving documents, we also provide services such as financial investigations, document research and skip tracing. We offer a variety of services that come at an affordable rate for all in the Parker, CO area. With each and every client that we do business with we exercise the responsibility given to us from the legal entities that are established in the form of stewardship.

The stewardship we have been given is in taking care to use human, financial and natural resources that have been entrusted to us for the common good. We take this very seriously- in no way would we ever distort justice. We are here to help those who need a helping hand at an affordable cost. Along with stewardship we guarantee that we will do this in a manner of excellence where we go above and beyond in the making sure all resources are used for the common good.


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