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Strong convictions drive us here are Roland Investigations to meet our goal of providing to all people affordable service at a quality standard. Included in this is an attention on providing better discounts for indigent and disabled citizens needing divorce decrees and temporary restraining orders. We provide such assistance and discounts all year round. Roland Investigations is committed to fulfilling our mission of affordable services to all while giving exceptional services in Mesa County.

Do you have an evasive defendant? Are you trying to locate a witness for a court case? The struggle to find a person who has seemed to skip town can be difficult. We are able to find the person of interest with little information though. A simple name and address is all that we need in order to get started to be able to find their whereabouts. From that information, we are then able to do a database search. This allows us to then be able to talk to friends and family to find out more information. From very little we are able to draw the conclusion of where they are.

Precision, effectiveness, and results are always guaranteed when you do business with Roland Investigations. Look at what Edgar B. says about us:

"Roland PS&I provided prompt, courteous, and attentive service. They are quite adept at tracking, finding, and providing service of process to- your person of interest using highly sophisticated tools at their disposal. I would highly recommend Roland PS&I to anyone in need of top quality service, plus a little something extra!"


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