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If you’re currently considering filing a lawsuit against an organization or individual or already have and need papers served, then Roland Investigations is the perfect match for you! Residents in Lakewood, CO have a partner to help out with all their legal matters such as, needing papers served. Roland Investigations has professional servers to get the job done in accordance with all federal and state laws that are involved. Our process of service team is full of certified professionals that come from different legal, civil and national background. This allows us to have insight in all aspects to best be able to help everyone.

Our servers serve the right documents to the right people in the allotted time, either provided by the clients or pursuant to rules of process. We understand that it can be stressful when you start dealing with the law, that’s why Roland Investigations is helping the Lakewood, CO area by providing different services to accommodate everyone’s specific needs and take some stress off. We provide you with the routine, rush, and same day service handlings. So, no matter what deadline you have we are able to make it happen in accordance with the law.

In regard to the business that we do with each of our clients we always hold true to the value of integrity by always being honest and following moral principles. Action is imperative in order to keep integrity. We guarantee that our words will be reflected in our actions which will prove our standards surrounding integrity. So, no matter what business you do with us you can be sure that we will always act with honesty and strong morals that you can depend on.


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