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Excellence is our standard for everything that we do here at Roland Investigations. Our work and service is performed on a superior level. This allows us to the best in the industry. We have given the residences of Jefferson County every reason to trust and choose our business not just by our word but by our actions that back up such words. We provide you with many services such as financial investigations, subpoenas, and skip tracing.

Skip Tracing is an investigation needed in order to find the person of interest that seems to have skipped town. The person of interest may be an evasive defendant, witness for a court case, or a missing person. No matter the reason for the search, Roland Investigations is able to find them with just a few clues such as a partial social security number, their name and address. From these we are able to find more weightier information about their whereabouts. We do this through a network of connections that allows criminal records, property and motor vehicle searches. In addition to this we talk to relatives, friends and law enforcement agents. This helps us to develop the correct conclusion on their whereabouts.

Our services and standards seem too good to be true though. However we have ample evidence that says that it isn’t. Here is a testimonial from Ryan W.:

"Solid, responsive, & persistent - I highly recommend Roland for investigations & service of process. They have helped me investigate and track down individuals that were hard to find and kept after parties that were difficult to serve."


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