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Highlands Ranch, CO residents has a trusted companion in legal matters such as financial investigations and subpoenas! It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are, unexpected events can come upon us all. Roland Investigations staff and servers are the friends you can trust when these things happen. We also make sure to uphold respect for each individual client that we do business with.

Financial Investigations are very common today. They are mostly used when a loved one has passed away and you need to find out what all their assets are to know what is going to go to probate. Finances also often come into question with child support or divorce cases. As an example, typically, there is a pay out in divorces that is ordered by the judge. When this order isn’t being met yet the recipient knows the opposing party has the money, a financial investigation can occur to prove this in court. This is the same with child support if a parent isn’t receiving what was agreed upon in court.

One of the qualities that we highly regard here at Roland Investigations is respectfulness. We make sure to respect how each person feels, thinks and what they want. We understand that each person has their own beliefs and conscience. We value and respect that and we demonstrate this by ensuring each individual is maintains their rights to that freedom. This provides you with only a small understanding as to how Roland Investigations will be a friend that you can trust here in Highlands Ranch, CO.


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