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Roland Investigations is a team of people that when their experience is combined, has over 85 years! We are also a group of certified professionals. Our background comes from all over including legal, civic and multinational areas. With all of this we have formed a rare company with much insight on a complete picture of the different facets of litigation support both locally and nationally. With our experience we look forward to getting the opportunity to serve you, the residents of Green Mountain Falls, CO.

We provide you with service of process for many documents be it a temporary restraining order, eviction notice, or a subpoena. If you’re needing a document served fast, then we are your company to be able to do so. We have many options for you to choose from such as standard service, priority service, and rush service. Additionally, we can take special requests. Getting the job done when you need it is our specialty.

If you don’t believe that we are as good and as fast as we say we are then look at some of our reviews down below:

"Zero problems. Found my guy quickly. All the paperwork and information I needed was included as well as cogent instructions. Very professional and I was able to handle everything online and through email." - Paul B.

"These guys have it together. Simple, reliable, and knowledgeable. We recommend highly" - The Evans Firm


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