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Roland Investigations staff and servers have a combined total of 85 years of experience in the legal community making it the number one team in Grand Junction, CO to use when you need servers, a financial investigation or a document research. We provide you with affordable services that you’ll love because you won’t have to deal with the hassle of searching for documents or following legal procedures. All the while you get what you want in an even quicker amount of time.

Services like financial investigations are a no brainer for Roland Investigations. We understand that things can happen unexpectedly like the death of a family member and that typically means you need to find out exactly what their financial assets are in a timely matter. In other cases, you want to do a financial investigation on someone who may not be paying child support because they claim they don’t have the funds. If you think or know that they do, you can call us to do a financial investigation to be able to prove in court that they do.

Our mission at Roland Investigations is to provide affordable services to everyone. We are committed to making our mission a success. We put a special emphasis on deeper discounted services for indigent and disable citizens needing divorce decrees and temporary restraining orders served all year round. We do everything that we can to make sure that this mission is a reality in Grand Junction, CO.


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