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Roland Investigations is a very honorable company in which honesty in everything we do is the standard. Integrity encompasses both the words that we say and the actions we take. This ensures that we are able to earn your trust and build upon it an unbreakable foundation for us to handle all of your process service needs. Integrity allows us to the best service in the industry. Our Clients are always impressed with our outstanding ability to keep our integrity. Now Grand county residents have a friend they can trust for just legal matters.

Service of process is one of our most commonly used services. We are able to serve such papers as summons and complaints, temporary restraining orders, eviction notice, pleadings, and divorce decrees. In addition to this we offer diverse types of services in regard to this. Standard service is where we serve such papers in a timely manner. We ensure that do the first attempt with 3-5 days after receiving the file. Priority service allows for same day service if we receive the file before 11 am. To have the first attempt be within 24 hours we provide you with rush service.

If you don’t believe us then just read one of our testimonials that gives credulity to who we are here at Roland Investigations:

"I am an attorney in Denver. I regularly use Roland Service and Investigations to serve process for the benefit of my clients in civil cases. Roland always provides superb assistance in promptly completing service of process whenever we have requested." - Jim M.


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