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Whether you have a person you need to find because they have skipped out of town or went missing Roland Investigations can help. Ft Collins has a trusted friend in the legal world to help you with many matters that can be hard and stressful to handle. We make sure that the stress falls on us and not you so that you can focus on other matters. Whether you need skip tracing, someone to be served or a financial investigation done Roland Investigations is the right company to help you out.

Skip tracing is one of the many services we offer. Many times, this is required when you need to locate a witness or an evasive defendant. We start out with little information like a name and partial social security number and then dig to find more substantial information about them and their whereabouts. Roland Investigations talks with friends, family, neighbors and informant agents to collect all that we can on them and their possible whereabouts and when they were last seen. In our search for them we do property, motor vehicle and criminal record searches. Residents in Ft Collins, CO have investigators that they can trust for whatever circumstance inflicted upon them.

Roland Investigations has a vision that shines through in every job that we do for our clients. That vision is that we will be recognized in each city and state we serve in for being superior, reliable and having professional excellence. Our vision also incorporates being the preferred partner of City Governments, paralegals, collection agencies and attorneys. This vision is a beacon that shines through everything we do. Within our vision we have weaved essential values that we hold to giving you a company you can trust in Ft. Collins, CO.


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