Services in Eagle County, CO

Here at Roland Investigations we have a skilled and qualified team to help you with all your process and investigation needs. Our team is made up of extremely experienced and certified experts coupled with varied backgrounds in legal, civil and multination fields. This enables us to the best in the industry and provide those in Eagle County with the most superb service possible.

Are you having trouble finding that workman’s comp page? Or how about the DMV paper you desperately need? We know that things happen and have put things in a “safe place” that we no longer know where it is. When this happens your friend Roland Investigations is here to help. Searching databases and libraries can be a headache. Our team is able to quickly locate any document that you need. We are all about taking the headache and hassle off yours hands, making your life easier.

Do you ever wonder if we are as fast as we say we are? You don’t have to wonder any more just take a look at what C. Moen says:

"James Roland and his staff members have always been prompt and courteous with any requests our office has. He makes us feel like we are priority even though he has other clients, and is extremely busy. I would highly recommend his services."


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