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Roland Investigations is values the work needed and put into development. Growth is important on a personal and professional level and it encompasses the physical, emotional, spiritual and relational aspects of both life and work. Comprising our team of people who strive to do this has allowed us to grow as a company that is now on top in this industry. We provide many services that Delta County can count on us to perform in a superior way.

Subpoenas are often needed in court cases that have to do with divorce or child custody. A subpoena can do one of two things, either require someone to testify in court or to demand someone to provide evidence and/or documentation. Here at Roland Investigations we provide you with the best service in serving whatever subpoena you need. Even if it needs to be served out of state we ensure that we follow both Colorado laws as well as the other participating state’s laws.

If you need more proof on who we are as a company then look no further. Here is a testimonial that verifies who we are:

“I and my law firm have used Roland Process Service for service of well over 100 notices, subpoenas, Summons and Complaints; I've also used the service for stakeouts and other Private Investigator work; additionally, I've obtained location information via electronic searches. I recommend Roland Process Service you'll find them professional, experienced, and able. If you've used other services you will immediately recognize the difference if you have not don't experiment you'll only be disappointed.”

- Donald Eby


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