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Integrity is a value that you can’t find in many businesses today. Honesty coupled with strong moral principles has been instilled in Roland Investigations from the ground up. We make sure that all our actions and words are ones that build trust in who we are. In doing this we are able to give you a ground you know is steady to stand on and one you can trust with all your needed services and investigations. With a record that Clear Creek County can count on we provide you with the best in the industry.

Skip tracing is of the many services that we provide. This service is used for those who need to find a specific person. Whether it be the need to find an aloof defendant or to find a needed witness, Roland Investigations skillfully carries out this task. With very little information about the person, we are able to quickly locate them. In our search for them we find more and more clues that gives evidence to where they are.

Don’t just take our word for who we are and the quality of services we provide. Here is a testimonial that will validate who we say we are:

"James is part of an elite group of process serving professionals that are highly knowledgeable and run their process service company like a business. We work with over 1000 process serving firms across the US and James has built one of the most professional and accountable company's in the industry. It's a pleasure to have a forward-thinker like James as a client and colleague." - Trent Carlyle


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