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Our vision here at Roland Investigations is to be identified in every state for our superior, reliable and professional excellence. We want to see to it that we are the chosen company for city governors, paralegals, collection agencies and attorneys to work with because of the quality of service we provide. This vision stretches to the Boulder County as well. This pushes us towards being the best company to all of those we work with in all the services that we perform.

One of the many services we provide is financial investigations. There are many reasons why one would need this but one of them is when a family member has recently died and now you need to know what their assets are. Knowing this information is important because of the many legalities when someone dies. Whether that may be needing to find out what will go to probate or loans and mortgages taken out that you were unaware of. We understand that things need to be handled in a timely manner when such unfortunate events happen and that we perform such services in a manner that meets your needs.

Roland Investigations will see to it that our vision will come to flourish and in many ways, it already has. Here is a testimonial that gives credulity to it:

"I'm a divorce lawyer in Memphis, TN. I am always wary when I have to hire a process server in another state, because there's really no way to know what kind of service you're going to get - and everybody knows the internet lies. Let me tell you - this company has service of process down to both an art and a science. I was able to pay online, was provided with timely notice of service and a copy of the affidavit, etc. They were responsive to phone calls and emails while I was figuring out how to use their systems, too. All around excellent service, just like I get from my favorite hometown process server here in Memphis. If you're wondering which service to use, don't hesitate to use Roland!" - Lori R. Holyfield


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